Christmas Eve with Legos

The base of the Empire State Building Lego Set

We received a package in the mail from Kristina’s dad the other day. When we opened the box, we were surprised to discover a Lego set inside. We’ve both done many puzzles in the past as well as having put together Legos in our younger days, but nothing recent.

So, we were pleasantly suprised (and a tad bit confused) by the gift. It was explained simply as, “We had a lot of fun putting this together and thought you would to.”

Her Dad was right.

We decided we’d spend Christmas Eve putting together (or attempting to put together) the Lego set he bought us.

We put on some Netflix standup (John Mullaney) and started out by following the instructions in the box. It was 140 pages long and it goes rather quickly when you have two people working on it as a team.

I can see how these end up being huge corporate team-building events.

Kristina and I ripped through the bags of Lego blocks like a toddler with a bag of jelly beans. We made short work of it and got about half-way finished before we needed to take a break for dinner.

Our Lego set about 1/2 finished (btw, anyone know how to post a photo in portrait instead of landscape?)

We added a few more levels during dinner (of caviar and vodka) while watching “A Muppet Christmas Carol” on Amazon.

It was a fun activity to do together.

We used to do jigsaw puzzles in the past and have trended away just because it takes up too much table space for too long.

This is nearly perfect in timing and complexity.

There are enough “do this 4 times” in the building that a team of two can each have equal shares of the building. And with two people who’ve worked with Legos before, it’s moves quickly.

It gives me some introspection on what novel activities to participate in together when we’ve been in quarantine/shelter-in-place for nearly 12 months.

So, what next, Lego Super Star Destroyer perhaps?




Bay-area IT guy and general fanboy for all things geeky and techy.

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Jason R. Holt

Jason R. Holt

Bay-area IT guy and general fanboy for all things geeky and techy.

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